Display your exhibits with pride using Showcase Acrylics’ premier custom acrylic display cases built for any project and size you need.

Custom Museum Display Cases

Showcase Acrylics balances function and beauty to give customers the best quality custom museum display cases. Our four-step process provides full customization to help you show off your most prized possessions.

Whether you’re displaying an autographed guitar or a one-of-a-kind historic collectible, Showcase Acrylics museum vitrines protect and highlight the items you care about most.

Step 1: Planning

Everything begins with a conversation with you, the customer. We’ve been in the custom acrylic museum vitrine business for a long time, and we understand the importance of working alongside our customers immediately to ensure the project is completed to the highest standards.

  • During our conversation, we will ask questions like:
    What will the display case hold?
  • How big is/are the item(s)?
  • Where will the display case be placed?

These questions allow us to turn your stylistic design and idea into a beautiful yet functional acrylic display case.

To get started, submit a request for a quote online or give one of our team members a call, and we will be happy to help get you started.

Step 2: Design

After our conversation, the Showcase Acrylics team identifies the customer’s design goals, needs, and vision. 

From there, our design team will draw up a custom, to-scale rendering of your museum vitrine that we will send you for final approval.

Step 3: Building

Once approved, our artisans build your display case based on the rendering and specifications. 

Be aware that the process and speed differ depending on the type of acrylic and the selected base design. 

Showcase Acrylics proudly tells you that every single case is custom-made by hand, ensuring our final product meets your expectations. 

We do not employ mass production in bringing our designs to life.

Step 4: Installation

After the order is built, finished, checked for quality, and packed carefully, it is ready for delivery.

We can even install your new acrylic piece anywhere in the country with our white glove delivery and installation service.

What is a Museum Vitrine?

Museum vitrines are acrylic display cases designed with unique features to enhance your artifacts, art, and collectibles while protecting them simultaneously. Essentially, a vitrine needs to create an optical illusion: It needs to appear clear and barely there so that the items inside of it appear suspended in mid-air. At the same time, it should be built with elegant and robust shelving that is not bulky or cumbersome.

Our complete line of museum vitrines, display cases, exhibit cases, supplies, and accessories can all help realize the creative vision of a museum exhibit.

When you request a quote from us, you can include your desired specs and design information. This allows us to customize our display cases to ensure customer satisfaction.

We also offer a large selection of display case options specifically geared toward the needs of a museum exhibit. 

For example, one of the Showcase Acrylics museum display case solutions includes “The Edge” PS-30 Museum Seams (bubble-free) made with 1/4″ acrylic. 

Custom acrylic brackets are available, and the finished edges can be beveled, radiused, and square. 

The options are plentiful – please call anytime for a quote or to hear more specific information about our customizable museum display case options.

What Are Showcase Acrylics’ Custom Museum Display Cases Made of?

All of our display cases are built using acrylic because of its multiple advantages over glass. We’ve found that acrylic display cases are more sturdy, safe, and flexible than glass ones.

Other benefits of acrylic display cases include:

  • 50% lighter than glass
  • Superior clarity
  • Superior strength
  • Shorter installation time
  • Lower total cost
  • Safer to handle than glass
  • Shorter manufacturing time
  • Unlimited shape/design options

Museum Vitrines We’ve Created

We have successfully helped build custom exhibit cases for museums and art collectors across the globe that realize a larger creative vision and achieve every display need.

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