How to Clean an Acrylic Display Box

Display Box

Acrylic display boxes are a beautiful way to show off cherished items and artifacts, as they allow for a clear and seamless viewing of whatever they encase. Sometimes, however, the viewing experience is negatively impacted by dirty acrylic surfaces due to a variety of factors such as dust particles in the air, oils from fingertips, and air currents. It is natural for acrylic display case surfaces to become slightly fuzzy if they have not been cleaned in a while.

While our professional-grade materials already resist dust and dirt, we recommend customers regularly check the surface of their boxes and immediately implement a cleaning procedure

Display Box


when they notice dust, dirt, or oils. That way, their acrylic display boxes and museum vitrines remain in top shape and maintain display clarity.

Our custom acrylic cases are easy to care for and clean. They should only be cleaned when they are soiled or dirty — there′s no need to clean them at regular intervals if they are not soiled. To remove dirt, wipe the box with a non-linting cloth or sponge (not paper towels) and water or a professional acrylic cleaning agent. We recommend using Acrifix, an anti-static cleaner specifically designed to restore clarity to acrylic surfaces. Never wipe the acrylic box with a dry cloth.

To finish the cleaning process, apply acrylic polishing liquid or paste directly to the acrylic surfaces using a soft cloth.