Custom Pedestals for Museums and Collectors

Your quest for the ideal pedestal display ends here. Showcase Acrylics provides one-of-a-kind custom pedestals for museums and collectors that enhance, protect, and showcase your most treasured artifacts and items.

Our team caters to the unique needs of your project, ensuring that your cherished artifacts find a home worthy of their significance.

Completely Customized Pedestals

Whether it’s your home or a museum, Showcase Acrylics tailors your items’ size, shape, and color to integrate seamlessly with the aesthetic of your exhibits. Choose from a vast selection of materials for your base and pick the perfect protection for your vitrine top.

High-Quality Materials for Your Base

Select the perfect material for your base or pedestal depending on functionality and desired effect. While pedestals are often made of wood, you can find bases designed with acrylic, glass and/or plastic.

Our custom designs are in wood veneers, laminates, and custom-painted colors.

If these don’t fit your project, speak with one of our pedestal experts to find the perfect solution for your project from our vast selection of available materials.

Protect and Showcase Your Items

Showcase Acrylics offers vitrine tops in regular acrylic, UV filtering, GP cast, OP-2 Museum, and mar-resistant. Each provides a different level of security and protection, depending on your project.

Enhance your displays with LED lighting, currently available for all custom displays.

White-Glove Delivery Service

Trust Showcase Acrylics with your project from beginning to end with our turn-key service.

We secure and protect your art, collectibles, and artifacts during our white-glove delivery service. 

In addition, we can site survey, render, and install custom display cases of all sizes and styles throughout the United States.

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